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Customers Services Assistant:

Customer services assistant serves as an interface between employers and other PTM Co. assistants, from ordering until ending of 2 years guarantee. The sub managers of customer services assistant are as follow:

- Marketing and Market Making Manager

- Sales Engineering Manager

- After Sales Services Manager

- Customers Communication Manager

Regarding to our 25 years experiences on full overhaul of different transformers and reactors, and our recent manufacturing projects, the main tasks of marketing and market making manager is presentation of our products to great national and international industries.

Sales engineering manager is responsible for techno-commercial offers, support services, providing of accessories and customers' requirements, making contract, and subsequent follow up. 

Customer communication manager is responsible for holding training courses, participate on national and international exhibitions and conferences.

After sales services department manages mounting, commissioning, guarantee services, preventing maintenance through using advanced software. This department includes three trained and well-prepared groups and is ready for 24 hours professional services.  

Preventive Maintenance and consulting services

Power Transmission Machinery (PTM) Co. provides following services

- Planning and performing the maintenance, preventive and repair services (routine activities, event-based and condition-based activities (

           - Commissioning tests assessment (routine tests, condition-based(

-                      Oil quality tests, furfural and dissolved gas analysis

-                      Electrical tests

-                      Mechanical analysis tests

-                      Moisture tests, partial discharge and thermograph

-Oil filtering and Changing

-Test, life measurement and replacement of active part

-Advanced condition assessment tests if needed.

-Checking the cooling system efficiency and removing the possible defects

-Transformer life estimation

-Transformer appearance and health report

-Early diagnosing and clearing any fault















-Transformer minor and major repairs and recycling

-Assessment tests after the earthquake, transformers replacement and severe grid connection

-Consultation and implementation for transformer design changing

-Investigating various phenomena of utilization such as tap changer unusual noise and unusual sound

-Providing equipment and reconstructing transformers pieces

-Analysing the causes of failure after incidents in transformers

-Consultation to make decisions about replacing the pieces, repairing, or continuing the operation

-Providing software for exploiting the databases and health reporting

-Consulting on utilization of any insurance coverage at the right time (engineering insurance, machinery breakdown and transformers life insurance)

-Holding the professional training transformers courses specialized for beneficiary personnel

Repairing Assistant:

Power Transmission Machinery co. is the only private complex which has been certified by TAVANIR Co. for setting records on overhaul of power transformers. Our specialist has overhauled and recycled the main transformer of ISLAM ABBAD power plant during 106 days on 2008. 

Repairing assistant includes 4 trained and well-prepared groups, and is ready for following onsite services:

- Fact Finder team, test and fault diagnosis

- Transformers and reactors overhaul up to 400MVA, 400KV

- Maintenance of power and medium power super distribution transformer, technical consulting for refurbishment of coils, repairing or manufacturing of tank and other components of transformers.

- Onsite oil treatment and test

- Onsite oil drying and circulation

- Disassembling of transformer and preparing for shipment to PTM factory

- Repairing of transformer tap changer

- Design changing of transformers (up to 400KV) such as: changing transformer power, voltage level, temperature rise level, modification of cooling system(ONAF, OFAF, ODAF)

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