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Designing and manufacturing processes:

Transformer, design and calculation Process:

Transformer design and calculation are conducted according to the customer’s needs and the world standards by transformer design and calculation modern and up to date software. The electrical, thermal, mechanical stability analysis against short circuit forces are performing by advanced software. The design of all parts and components of transformer is conducted by 3D software, it is necessary for the design verification and validation before the transformer pieces are produced.

Planning and ordering Processes:

Planning of the orders are performed by the software MS-Project over network and can be observed by the customer. This company has obtained the certificates for the quality management system based on the standard ISO 9001:2008 and the environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2004 and the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Specification OHSAS 18001:2007 from the English company QAL.

Providing and Support Processes:

Transformers materials and accessories are supplied based on the outlines of design and engineering department and according to the world standards with coordination of planning and system department. The supplied materials and accessories would be delivered to Production Manufacturing Assistant after quality control processes. Regarding to 2 years after sales services of our products, this department attempts to evaluate providers and then provides transformer materials and accessories.

Production Manufacturing Process:

After calculation, design, planning and providing of materials and accessories, workshops of Production Manufacturing Assistant is responsible for manufacture transformer with high quality on short time.

The workshops are as follow:

1- Wire manufacturing and Sizing Workshop:

In this workshop, wire is produced from round wire (rolled wire) by traction and rolling in the sections needed for production orders. The wire is changed to the requested section and required dimensions by traction and rolling equipment and is passed through the desired ingot.  In order to have the essential flexibility during winding, the manufactured wires are placed under the vacuum annealing procedure. This workshop has the capacity of annealing wire producing for 4000 Kg per shift.

Wire traction machine                                                                                               1 unit

Wire rolling machine                                                                                                  1 unit

Annealing under Vacuum machine                                                                            1 unit

Polishing machine                                                                                                     1 unit  


2- Insulated Wire (Strand) Manufacturing Workshop:

Strand workshop has the capacity of wire insulating for 1500 Kg per shift; it is performed by three automatic wire insulation machines.

Automatic Strand Machine                 capacity: insulating of 12 layers        Speed: 12 m/sec        2 sets

Automatic Strand Machine                capacity: insulating of 8 layers           Speed: 6 m/sec          1 set

3- Winding Manufacturing Workshop:

PTM Co. transformers coil are produced by the machines include two horizontal winding machine which has 16 Ton capacity, 3.2 meters length and 2.5 meters in diameter, as well as two horizontal winding machine of 12 Ton capacity, 3.2 meters length and 2.2 meters in diameter and milling mold machine of 5 Ton capacity, 3.2 meters length and 2.2 meters in diameter. Also for producing winding, this workshop uses winding press tools, several types of metal molds producing coils, several types of wire brakes and conductor, stands, Brazing machine (10KA) and oxyacetylene welding equipment, wire bending tools and special tools for producing winding.

The distribution transformers coils are produced by six horizontal winding machines which has 500 Kg capacity, 90 cm length and 80 cm in diameter.

4- Insulation manufacturing workshop and Carpentry:

In this workshop, we produce the high thickness layer insulations, special insulation and shield rings, formed insulations, cylinders and spacers, press rings and clamping rings, insulation pieces of ODAF system to seal the coils, and other required insulations in order to assemble active part. Supply and support assistant provides raw materials from WIDEMAN, PUCARO and KRAMPL companies and in this workshop those change to special insulations. 

Equipment of Insulation workshop and Carpentry:

- Insulation cutting machines (1.5m, 2m, 3m)                                                         3 units

- Insulation cutting machines (3mm up to 6mm and 2mm up to 15mm)                2 units

- Bending Machine length up to 2m, thickness up to 2.5mm                                   1 unit

- circular saw machine  up to 2m                                                                             1 unit

- Shutter machine 2*2*2m                                                                                      1 unit

- Saw machine up to  60cm, 90cm                                                                           2 units

- Winding molds, diameter: 20 cm up to 200 cm                                                     40 pcs

- Cutter Saw 90cm                                                                                                   1 unit

- Multipurpose wood working machine                                                                    1 unit

- Roller cylindrical grinding machine                                                                         4 units

- Carpentry suction machine (vacuum cleaner)                                                       1 unit



- Warm hydraulic press machine for insulation press 135 cm×220 cm×300 ton    1 unit                                 

5- Tank manufacturing workshop:

Transformers tank manufacturing workshop are equipped with the essential equipment required for producing transformers tanks and products conservators. Our specialists manufacture transformer tank by using advanced equipment and under continuously supervision of quality control department. All machinery operations, including body parts and tap changer pieces producing, forging operations and transformers pipe laying are conducted in this workshop.

According to standards, after sand blast of internal and external surface of manufactured components, internal surface would be covered with epoxy and its external surface with zinc rich, epoxy and final cover. Regarding to high manufacturing capacity of this workshop, we are capable to accept tank manufacturing orders.

Equipment of Tank Manufacturing Workshop:

- MIG,MAG (630A) welding machines                                                                        4 units

- Welding machine (500A)                                                                                        1 unit

- Pillar type drilling machine 35cm                                                                             1 unit

 - Radial drill machine 90cm                                                                                      1 unit

- Saw machine                                                                                                          1 unit

- Special saw machine                                                                                              1 unit

- TIG machine (600A)                                                                                               1 unit

- Rectifier unit                                                                                                           3 units

- Milling machine (1.5m, 2m)                                                                                     2 units

- Lathe machine (1m)                                                                                               1 unit

- Plasma cutting machine 3.5cm                                                                               1 uint

- Saw 70Cm * 27 Cm                                                                                                1 unit

- Magnetic drill 50cm×30cm                                                                                     2 units

6- Radiator producing workshop:

Heat exchanger is the important and vital components of transformers. It is designed and made by design and engineering department. Necessary maps and documents are provided and presented to production section to manufacture the radiator. Radiator pressed blades are welded by roller welding unit and then connected by MIG, MAG welding machine. After the quality control during the operation and final step, the radiators are sent for warm galvanization and then the radiators are ready to be installed. Regarding to high manufacturing capacity of this workshop, we are ready to provide customers orders for radiators.



- Spot welding machine with related cooling system                                                1 unit

- Roller welding machine with related cooling system                                              1 unit

- Impact press machine 20ton                                                                                 2 units

- Impact press machine 3,5,12 ton                                                                          3 units

- MIG,MAG welding machine                                                                                     1 unit   

7- Transformer assembling and drying workshop:

Assembling of transformer components such as core, coil, tap changer, bottom part of tank, upper part of tank (bell), beams, assembly of active part on bottom part of tank, assembly of upper part of tank, pipe lying, assembly of conservator and bushing and finally preparing of transformer for drying by appropriate furnaces, are conducted in this workshop. 

Equipment of Assembling Workshop:

- Cold press filter unit 16000 lit/h                                                                              1 set

- Oil pump 16000 lit/h                                                                                               2 sets

- Oil pump 2000 lit/h                                                                                                 2 sets

- Vacuum pump )Hi vac. 0.1 mbar 3500 m3/h)                                                        1 set

- Vacuum pump )Hi vac. 0.1 mbar 9000 m3/h)                                                        1 set

- Vacuum pump 330 m3/h                                                                                       1 set

- Heater pump 16000 lit/h                                                                                       1 set

- Oil physical treatment unit 16000 lit/h                                                                   1 set

- Lift Truck 4.5ton                                                                                                     1 unit

- Lift Truck 8ton                                                                                                        1 unit

- Portable air compressor                                                                                        3 sets

- Coil carriers for assembly and disassembly ( 1 m to 4 m)                                      5 sets

- Air compressor  6 bar ,2.5 m3/h                                                                            1 set

- Welding machine 150 A , 250 A                                                                              2 sets

- Core stand 10 ton                                                                                                  1 set








- Core stand 60 ton                                                                                                  1 set

- Electrical drying furnace 2*2*2m                                                                           1 set

- General tools for onsite repairing                                                                           5 sets

- Carrier 100ton for transferring transformers                                                         4 sets

- Overhead cranes 1,2,15 ton                                                                                  3 sets

8- Quality control and laboratories Assistant:

The quality control and laboratories assistant monitors the quality of transformers components and accessories, performing of several tests such as: ROUTINE test, TYPE test and SPECILAL test, according to national and international standards. Also our specialists control all materials, the semi-finished pieces, and processes of product manufacturing at the beginning of entering the company until final assembly and tests by calibration and advanced equipment.

Final Electrical Tests of products:

Insulation resistance test, winding resistance test, ratio test, flux magnetizing test, no-load current test on low voltage, oil dielectric test, high voltage induced and applied test, impulse test (lightning), impulse test (switching), load test, temperature rise test, short circuit impedance test, sound test,  transformer capacitance & dissipation factor test,  partial discharge test, DGA test, transformer F.R.A. test, oil and bushing capacitance & dissipation factor test, insulation F.R.A. test and moisture measurement, no-load test on rated voltage, insulation charge and discharge test, vector group test, tap changer continuously test, step voltage test, dissolved and furfural gas analysis, moisture and thermograph test, electrical and mechanical analysis test, oil chemical and physical tests, transformer life estimation test and etc. (a few of above test are performed by reference and partner laboratories) 

Laboratories equipment:

- Oil dielectric measurement max voltage: 100 KV and 60 KV (Portable)                 2 units

- Insulation resistance tester up to 5KV (3 digital and 1 analog)                             4 units

- Digital insulation resistance tester up to 10KV (Portable)                                      1 unit

- Tg(Delta) tester up to 12KV (Portable)                                                                  1 unit

- TTR meter (portable)                                                                                             2 units

- Power analyser                                                                                                       3 units

- Transformer 3 KV up to 100KV (Portable)                                                              4 units

- Generator for transformer induced voltage test up to 400Hz                                1 unit






- Injection current test  1mA up to 200A                                                                  5 units

- Digital multimeter (Portable)                                                                                  10 units

- Digital multimeter (Laboratory)                                                                              5 units

- Digital thermometer                                                                                               4 units

- Variac single phase 5,15,40 A                                                                                 4 units

- Variac three phase 25,120 A                                                                                  3 units

- Diesel generator 400KVA                                                                                        1 unit

- STORAGE Oscilloscope (Impulse wave measurement)                                          2 units

- Impulse generator with measurement system and recorder up to 350KV            1 set

- No-load losses test measurement and control panel                                            1 set

- Temperature rise test measurement and control panel                                        1 set

- Applied test measurement and  control panel                                                       1 set

- Hardness measurement device                                                                             1 unit

- Thickness measurement device                                                                             1 unit

9-Machine Manufacturing Workshop:

This workshop is capable of manufacturing the required machinery for production of transformers and has designed and manufactured all workshop equipment including wire drawing and rolling machines, annealing furnace, wire insulating (paper taping) machine, horizontal- and vertical coil winding machine in small and big sizes, warm hydraulic press for manufacture of formed insulations, high vacuum pumps and various types of oil purification systems in various sizes as needed for manufacture of transformers:

- Wire drawing machine                                                                                           1 Set

- Wire rolling machine                                                                                              1 Set

- Vacuum annealing furnace                                                                                    1 Set

- Cold oil purification system; 16000 lit/h                                                                 1 Set

- Oil pump; 16000 lit/h                                                                                             2 Sets

- Oil pump; 2000 lit/h                                                                                               2 Sets

- Vacuum pump; Hi vac. 0.1 mbar, 3500 m3/h                                                         1 Set






- Vacuum pump; Hi vac. 0.1 mbar, 9000 m3/h                                                         1 Set

- Vacuum pump; 330 m3/h                                                                                       1 Set

- Oil heater pump; 16000 lit/h                                                                                  1 Set

- Vacuum oil treatment plant; 16000 lit/h                                                                1 Set

- Automatic paper taping machine with the capacity of 12 layers of insulation

   with a speed of 12 m/min.                                                                                     2 Sets

- Automatic paper taping machine with the capacity of 8 layers of insulation

   with a speed of 6 m/min.                                                                                       1 Set

- Flat wagons to carry transformers; 100 ton                                                          4 Sets

- Horizontal coil winding machine; capacity: 16 tons, length: 3.2m,

   workpiece diameter: 2.5 m                                                                                    2 Sets

- Horizontal coil winding machine; capacity: 12 tons, length: 3.2m,

   workpiece diameter: 2.2 m                                                                                    2 Sets

- Lathe machine; capacity: 5 tons, workpiece length: 3.2 m, diameter: 2.2 m        1 Set

- Horizontal coil winding machine; capacity: 500 kg, length: 90 cm,

   workpiece diameter: 80 cm                                                                                   6 Sets

- Core stacking table; 10 ton                                                                                    1 Set

- Core stacking table; 60 ton                                                                                    1 Set

- Electrical drying furnace; 2m x 2m x 2m                                                                 1 Set

- Spread frames & draw bars for disassembling and assembling of

   coils; 1m – 4m                                                                                                        5 Sets

- Hydraulic warm press for manufacture and pressing the insulations;

   capacity: 300 tons, 135 cm x 220 cm                                                                     1 Set

- Various types of coil former bobbins with different diameters

   from 20 cm up to 200 cm                                                                                       40 Pieces

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