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Power Transmission Machinery Company (PTM Co) is the first and the most experienced knowledge based private company in the field of production of special transformers and reactors in Iran.

This Company possesses the complete facilities required for production of transformers up to 400 MVA and voltage level of 400 kV.

PTM Co set records for the overhaul (major repairs), redesign and recycling of all types of medium- and high power transformers up to 400 MVA and 400 kV.






PTM Co. is qualified by Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Company (TAVANIR Co. affiliated to the Iranian Ministry of Energy) for calculation, designing, manufacturing, repair and maintenance of power transformers. This company has also obtained the production license from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade for manufacturing of transmission transformers (230kV up to 400kV) and medium power transformers. (63kV up to 132kV)

Translation of the above certification

Date: October 19, 2008

To: Industries & Mines Dept. of Tehran

Subject: Certification of Activity

Herewith, this is to certify that considering the proper services of Power Transmission Machinery Company to the Iranian power industry, this company is qualified for calculation, design, manufacture and repair of power transformers components.


Vice Managing Director

Coordination of Generation






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